“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)
“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)
“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)
“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)
“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)
“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)
“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)

“Transformation Station” Crystal Grid (Labradorite)

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transformation • synchronicities • peace

the “transformation station” crystal grid works with the power of labradorite to assist in manifestation and transformation. meditate with this crystal grid and let the flashes of colour within the labradorite transform your thoughts and awareness to synchronicities around you. this crystal grid works with labradorite.

this listing is for this exact crystal grid pictured. the crystals are carefully glued to the sacred geometry design for perfect symmetry. handle with care.

the grid is made of wood.

the crystals in this crystal grid are glued in place. 


  • around 6 inches by 6 inches


  • 13 labradorite oval cabochons 
  • 18 labradorite round cabochons
  • flower of life wooden grid


labradorite is a stone of transformation and magic. this crystal amplifies intuition, synchronicities, and psychic development. it works with your minds eye to stimulate creativity and inspiration. labradorite works with the third eye chakra. 


the flower of life

the flower of life is a geometric symbol that is usually made up of 19 overlapping circles that are spaced evenly apart from one another. they create a perfectly symmetrical flower shape. it is said to be over 6000 years old and can be found almost all over the world. “this symbol is said to hold the most important and most sacred patterns of the universe and is the harbinger of all life and existence — from molecules and atoms to planets and galaxies.” lots of other sacred geometry shapes can be found within the flower of life. for example: the vesica pisces, seed of life, the egg of life, the tree of life, metatrons cube and all the platonic solids. the flower of life symbolizes creation, connection and consciousness.


crystal grids are an arrangement of energetically aligned crystals in a sacred geometric shape charged by an intention for the purpose of manifestation. they are also a great way to display crystals and show off their beauty.