Rainbow Moonstone & Rose Quartz Mini Crystal Grid
Rainbow Moonstone & Rose Quartz Mini Crystal Grid

Rainbow Moonstone & Rose Quartz Mini Crystal Grid

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love • comfort • intuition

this crystal grid works with rainbow moonstone & rose quartz.

this listing is for this exact rainbow moonstone & rose quartz mini crystal gridthe crystals are carefully glued to the sacred geometry design for perfect symmetry. handle with care.

the crystals in this crystal grid are glued in place. 


  • 3.7 inches by 3.7 inches


  • 1 rainbow moonstone oval cabochon
  • 6 rose quartz teardrop cabochons 
  • 6 rose quartz teardrop cabochons
  • 6 rose quartz round cabochons 
  • 12 rainbow moonstone oval cabochons
  • premium coaster board 
  • sacred geometry designs by mycrystalearth


rainbow moonstone is a stone of cycles. this crystal brings lots of inspiration and imagination and helps you “go within” to gain mental clarity and strength. it works with the moons energy to help balance our emotions. rainbow moonstone works with the third eye chakra.

rose quartz is a stone of universal love. this crystal soothes and comforts anyone near it. it opens up the heart to promote self love and deep inner healing. rose quartz amplifies feelings of happiness and peace. it works with the heart chakra. 


the VIBRATIONS sacred geometry design uses the seed of life pattern with ripples vibrating within the circles. the inspiration from this design came from the interesting properties of cymatics. nikola tesla said “if you wish to understand the universe think of energy, frequency and vibration. it represents the element water and reminds us that everything in life is vibration/frequency.