Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz & Opalite Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz & Opalite Bracelet

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intuition • mental clarity • expression

this listing is for this exact bracelet. made with stretchy cord. approximately 7 inches.

rainbow moonstone is a stone of cycles. this crystal brings lots of inspiration and imagination and helps you “go within” to gain mental clarity and strength. it works with the moons energy to help balance our emotions. rainbow moonstone works with the third eye chakra.

clear quartz is a master healing stone. this is one of the most well known, popular crystals for crystal healing. it absorbs, transmutes and amplifies energy. it can be programmed to be a great manifestation tool for any purpose. it clears the mind of negative thoughts to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. it works with all chakras. 

opalite is a man made glass with iridescent properties. although man made, it helps with communication on all levels. opalite works with the throat chakra.