(1) Abalone Shell Ring
(1) Abalone Shell Ring
(1) Abalone Shell Ring

(1) Abalone Shell Ring

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water energy • compassion • intuition

abalone shells bring lots of water energy. abalone is a type of mollusk and the shell is made of microscopic calcium carbonate. it has a very gentle warm vibration that can bring peace and compassion. it can also work with the moon’s energy to enhance intuition. abalone shells works with the heart chakra and the third eye chakra.

this listing is for (1) intuitively selected oval abalone shell ring of your choice using the sizes listed.

these rings are made of metal alloy. these rings are not recommended to be worn 24/7 or exposed to water/moist conditions. abalone shell can be fragile so handle with care to ensure longevity. each ring comes with a ring box.

list of discounted abalone shell ring sizes:

size 7
size 8.75
size 9