Tourmaline Quartz, Hematite & Lava Rock Bracelet

Tourmaline Quartz, Hematite & Lava Rock Bracelet

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amplifying • protection • grounding 

this listing is for this exact bracelet. made with stretchy cord. approximately 7 inches.

tourmaline quartz is a mix of black tourmaline and clear quartz.

black tourmaline is a powerful protection stone. this crystal is studied by scientists because it has physical properties like piezoelectricity (meaning it can store an electrical charge) and pyroelectricity (meaning it can generate electricity when heated). it is a great detoxing and grounding stone. it works with the root chakra. 

clear quartz is a master healing stone. this is one of the most well known, popular crystals for crystal healing. it absorbs, transmutes and amplifies energy. it can be programmed to be a great manifestation tool for any purpose. it clears the mind of negative thoughts to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. it works with all chakras.

hematite is a stone for the mind. it’s great for grounding and stimulating mental energy. it enhances concentration, focus and memory. hematite works with the root chakra.

lava rock also known as basalt, is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to mother earth. it carries ancient healing energy and works with the root chakra to ground and stabilize the energetic field. this stone is perfect to diffuse essential oils because of the porous structure of the stone. it enhances the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy from the oils that’s applied to this stone.