PSYCHIC CLARITY Crystal Grid (Limited Edition)

PSYCHIC CLARITY Crystal Grid (Limited Edition)

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psychic abilities • mental clarity • amplifying

the PSYCHIC CLARITY crystal grid channels psychic energy. also absorbs, transmutes and amplifies energy.  it uses clear quartz.

this listing is for this exact PSYCHIC CLARITY crystal grid. the crystals are carefully glued to the sacred geometry design for perfect symmetry. handle with care.


  • 3.7 inches by 3.7 inches


  • 1 clear quartz oval cabochon
  • 12 clear quartz round cabochons
  • premium coaster board 
  • sacred geometry designs by mycrystalearth


clear quartz is a master healing stone. this is one of the most well known, popular crystals for crystal healing. it absorbs, transmutes and amplifies energy. it can be programmed to be a great manifestation tool for any purpose. it clears the mind of negative thoughts to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. it works with all chakras. 


the CONNECTIONS sacred geometry design uses the seed of life pattern with lines connecting every possible intersection. it’s a great shape to help visualize that everything is connected, and the beauty of each connection. it represents the element air and an interconnection with life.