Mini Crystal Carving Bundle
Mini Crystal Carving Bundle
Mini Crystal Carving Bundle

Mini Crystal Carving Bundle

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this bundle includes: a clear quartz unicorn, rose quartz/flower agate stars, rose quartz/clear quartz/opalite merkabas, 2 garden quartz goddesses and a shungite heart. 

this listing is for these exact crystals pictured. 

clear quartz is a master healing stone. this is one of the most well known, popular crystals for crystal healing. it absorbs, transmutes and amplifies energy. it can be programmed to be a great manifestation tool for any purpose. it clears the mind of negative thoughts to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. it works with all chakras. 

rose quartz is a stone of universal love. this crystal soothes and comforts anyone near it. it opens up the heart to promote self love and deep inner healing. rose quartz amplifies feelings of happiness and peace. it works with the heart chakra. 

flower agate is a stone of personal growth. agate crystals have a soft and gentle vibration. this crystal is great for seeing our future potential and nurturing our mind. it’s also a great protection stone and helps rebalance the mind, body and soul. flower agate works with the root chakra and the heart chakra.

opalite is a man made glass with iridescent properties. although man made, it helps with communication on all levels. opalite works with the throat chakra.

garden quartz also known as lodolite, is a stone of nature. it’s a great crystal to help you connect with the earth. it has amazing metaphysical properties that help with regeneration, restoration and rebalance. garden quartz works with the crown chakra.

shungite is known as the stone of life. this is an ancient stone, believed to be almost 2 billion years old which means it carries a lot of earth’s healing energy. it protects, cleanses and restores energy. shungite works with the root chakra.