Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone & Howlite Bracelet

Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone & Howlite Bracelet

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peace • meditation • intuition

this listing is for this exact bracelet. made with stretchy cord. approximately 7 inches.

amethyst is a stone of inner peace. this powerful crystal is a perfect meditation tool to relieve stress and bring spiritual growth. amethyst promotes restful sleep and peaceful dreams. it works with the crown chakra. 

rainbow moonstone is a stone of cycles. this crystal brings lots of inspiration and imagination and helps you “go within” to gain mental clarity and strength. it works with the moons energy to help balance our emotions. rainbow moonstone works with the third eye chakra.

howlite is a stone of awareness. this crystal carries a gentle peaceful vibration. it helps relieve stress and anxiety. it strengthens memory and helps you “go within” to achieve mental clarity. howlite works with the crown chakra.